Swytch mobile solution

Work mobile and landline numbers on your team’s personal phones. Call & text using your chosen number, with clear phone line identification and free communications to other Swytch users

Virtual Numbers

Provide work numbers to your staff without the hassle of SIM cards and hardware

The App

Numbers are accessible via an app on their personal phones – no need for extra devices

The Dashboard

Manage all users and numbers, billing and settings from a simple online dashboard

What’s the press saying?

“Does for mobile numbers what Dropbox has done for files; detaches the numbers from the SIM card and hosts them in the cloud.”

“A flexible mobile network killing off the work phone.”

“Ideal for anyone who needs separate phone numbers for business and pleasure 'without' a second phone.”

Numbers in a click

Allocate work mobile and landline numbers to your teams existing phones in one simple click!

Numbers on demand

Get access to mobile or landline numbers instantly, or port in existing phone lines you already own

No handsets. No commitments.

Flexibility for your business. No long-term contracts and no need to buy additional hardware

Line identification

Business or personal line? See at a glance who’s calling before you answer

Control communications

Staff leaving, on holiday or off sick? Control and re-allocate numbers instantly to keep communications open with clients.

What our customers say

“Very convenient to have your work number on you’re phone. No need for two mobiles! And a helpful team behind the scenes. Fantastic.”

Marion Main

“Swytch is just the service I was looking for. I wanted to retain mobile numbers and use them through apps on users’ mobiles. The porting-in process was simple and straightforward and the customer support was second to none.”

Ian Law

“Simple to use. First class. Solves all the problems of numerous SIMS and phones. Very useful.”

David Hattersley

Mobile & landline numbers instantly

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